About Us

The New Vision School is a step forward, providing hope to the community of Choti Zereen, which is a village situated in the district of D.G.Khan. The mission of the school is to impart education at the grass roots level. This school has been set up on the principle of equal opportunity for education to all. We teach young children not only the tools they require to be active members of the society but also to become positive elements in building a community. Our accomplishments have been outstanding.

The New Vision School is registered under the Punjab Board of education as a nonprofit private school. It was set up in 2001 for the purpose of offering quality and function based education to children from deprived homes and low income groups. The New Vision School was set up by a Trust, named the Leghari Foundation.Sardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari, ex President of Pakistan donated 4 1/2 Acres of land in a village by the name of Choti Zereen in South Punjab, in the district of Dera,Ghazi,Khan, Pakistan. His highness, the late Sheikh Zayed of U.A.E constructed a building free of cost for setting up a school for children from deprived homes.

Initially classes from Nursery to Grade five were introduced with an intensive three month head start programme, to bring children up to a certain level. There was a yearly expansion and successive batches of students have matriculated with a 90 to 100% first division and have thus been able to get admission in renowned universities like The University of Engineering and Technology, Fatima Jinnah Medical College, F.C College, Lahore and other prestigious universities in Pakistan and abroad.

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