need for expension

Every year about 80-100 children have to be sent away because of lack of space. In view of the deplorable educational conditions in Dera Ghazi Khan and the neighbouring district Rajanpur, it is imperative that a network of schools is set up, keeping the New Vision School as a model. The proposal for expansion consists of setting up at least ten schools with vocational training centers to maximize the benefit of education at the grass roots level.

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  • Increase in literacy rate
  • Increase in women's participation
  • Educational and vocational demands of the people will be met
  • Access to higher education will be possible
  • Quality education will be promoted and will lead to participation of students at the national level
  • People will develop confidence in the school system thus improving literacy rates and cooperation with the social worker
  • Women's training will be beneficial to society
  • Greater job opportunities and entrepreneurship will be available for women
  • Greater exposure to modern techniques and greater command over English and Urdu language will lead to better results at the Board level
  • Admissions for higher education, technical courses, internships and jobs in urban areas will be possible
  • It will be a project of human resource development
  • It will contribute to the educational, vocational and information technology sectors of the country
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