Our philosophy is based on a vision to see doctors, scientists, writers, athletes and sportsmen, teachers and professors, lawyers and pioneers in all fields of life from this region of Pakistan. We endeavor to create an environment where the child can reach his/her full potential and contribute to the society as useful citizens.

Our children experience the world differently from us. The school is not only a place where children learn the alphabets or numbers but is a safe haven for children, where they interact with others and form relationships and alliances. A school is the first step towards a successful future. We help children to experience the joy of learning; we help put pieces together by understanding the developmental level of the child and will help the child make new connections and view the world as a place where he or she will be able to contribute as responsible citizens in the future. Our curriculum is based on our philosophy to provide the best education possible to children in order to mould them into understanding, tolerant, selfless, helpful and magnanimous human beings who set challenging goals for themselves and set about diligently in order to achieve those targets. We strive to impart education in a way that students of this region are able to compete on a national level and internationally in all fields of life.

The New Vision School was set up in 2001 with the motivation of offering quality and functional education to children from low income groups keeping in mind the above philosophy.

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