mission and objectives of the institution

  • To increase the literacy rate in the area by providing quality education.
  • To provide quality education to children from poor homes and low income groups.
  • To meet the ever increasing educational demands of the people of Dera Ghazi Khan.
  • To educate the children in an Islamic way, instilling a sense of ethics and religion in      order to encourage kindness and positive values.
  • To introduce a modern method of imparting knowledge, using tools like Information CommunicationTechnology and computer based content in the curriculum.
  • To develop self confidence in abilities and skills.
  • To make education functional and activity based.
  • To prepare children for higher education.
  • To instill awareness of contemporary and environmental issues.
  • To incorporate computers as a tool for enhancing conceptual and academic knowledge.
  • To propagate education in a manner so as to make children responsible citizens of Pakistan.
  • To evaluate a child's functional levels in vision, auditory, language, manual and motor skills.
  • To provide individualized comprehensive programs to accelerate and improve the physical, mental developmental, cognitive and emotional needs of the child.
  • To provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to live and to help each child identify, and cultivate his or her greatest potential.
  • To provide a curriculum that will foster successful, healthy, fulfilling and informed life.
  • To guide parents in strategies to help maximize their child's potential.
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