the purpose of new vision school

The Board of Trustees of the Leghari Foundation envisioned an educational institution of excellence to overcome barriers of class stratification and race and creed to offer children from deprived homes quality education so as to provide a base for higher education and to make the future generations or this region, agents of positive change. The school aims to produce socially responsible citizens who can contribute towards their families and society to the best of their capabilities.

The medium of instruction is English so that our students are able to compete at the national level with students from the urban areas. At the school, we strive to create a stimulating learning environment for those children who otherwise may never have a chance at formal learning. Education is a vital tool to provide an individualized comprehensive program to accelerate and ameliorate the physical, mental, developmental, cognitive and emotional needs of all children. It provides the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to help the child identify and nurture his greatest potential. Education with an intensive curriculum fosters a successful, healthy and fulfilling life which is actually one of the basic rights of every human being in this world. It also increases the feeling of self worth and instills self confidence which is essential for setting and fulfilling one's goals. Every child passes through unusual sensitivity to learning from between 3 to 5 years of age. In this time period there is an intense interest by the child in learning specific skills and this period has been identified by experts as, "a period of specific maturation aptness." During this period it is important for a child to learn from tools that stimulate his/her intellect and enhance his/her ability to grasp conceptual knowledge. When a child's creative energies are utilized in a constructive manner there is no energy left for deviate behavior. We have identified this need of the child and have devised a stimulating curriculum with special focus on the personality of the child from ages 3 to 5. As the child progresses into the next level, we focus on student-centered activity based teaching at the primary level with special regard to class ambience. The curriculum document for the primary level included the aims, goals and activities that were translated into a work plan and a syllabus. The syllabus concentrates on the child's abilities to assimilate knowledge in an environment in which the children learn better when:

1. They are actively involved in meaningful exploration of ideas
2. They have an interest in the material
3. They understand the need for the material.

At this stage we reinforce conceptual development and strive to enhance communication skills at the same time focusing on reading and writing. By now the child adapts to a more formal method of acquiring knowledge; at the same time considering learning fun and challenging.

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